Flexible Powered Roller Conveyors

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TR3030 Powered Conveyor - 460mm wide
TR3031 Powered Conveyor - 610mm wide
TR3032 Powered Conveyor - 760mm wide

• Simple plug in and go operation
• Great for conveying items uphill where gravity may not be achievable
• Flexible and will expand from 1500mm to 4000mm
• Multiple conveyors can be joined to make 1 continuous system
• Great for loading and unloading containers
• Easy and quick setup with adjustable height legs
• 125mm brake castors on every leg
• Quiet operation 240V AC motor with forward and reverse action and adjustable roller speed
• Capacity: 120kg per metre
• Length Retracted: 1500mm
• Length Expanded: 4000mm
• Height Range: 690 - 1000mm