Troden Equipment - Wholesale Industrial Equipment

Troden Equipment supplies a large range of high quality industrial storage, workplace and handling equipment throughout the world.

Our fantastic brands include Troden, Liftex, Durolla Hand Trolleys and Stormax.

Troden Equipment products' include Troden container ramps, Troden conveyors, Troden forklift safety cages, Troden industrial waste bins, Liftex roller load skates, Liftex electric scissor lift tables, Liftex spring loaded rotating pallet tables, Liftex battery electric work positioners, Liftex scissor lift trolleys, Liftex aluminium lift assist devices, Liftex fork / platform trolleys, Liftex heavy duty pallet trucks, Liftex fully auto electric fork stackers, Liftex drum handling equipment, Liftex forklift jibs, Liftex forklift slippers, Durolla multi-purpose trolleys, Durolla order picking trolleys, Durolla platform trolleys, Durolla aluminium trolleys, Durolla stainless steel trolleys, Durolla warehouse stock trolleys, Durolla cage trolleys, Durolla wagon trucks, Durolla mesh cage trolleys, Durolla gas cylinder trolleys, Durolla 2 & 3 tier trolleys, Durolla panel carts, Durolla court trolleys, Durolla powered platform trolleys, Durolla tow tugs, Stormax industrial steel storage cabinets, Stormax industrial workstations and work benches, Stormax steel shelving, Stormax pallet racking column guards, Stormax lourve panel trolleys, Stormax tooling cabinets, Stormax barriers and bollards.

Our products are used in a broad range of industry sectors including: manufacturing, logistics, distribution, mining, defence, health, education, and many other government organisations.

Our goal is to help industry eveywhere to organise, store, access, lift, handle and convey their goods and equipment as effortlessly as possible. Most importantly one of our top priorities is to reduce and if possible eliminate workplace injury.

At Troden Equipment we are constantly sourcing new products and adding to our range and many of the products are Trodens own design and not available anywhere else in the marketplace.

Our fabulous products are sold through a network of distributors, so please contact us for details on your nearest Troden dealer.


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