Semi Auto Strapping Machine

SKU: TR7760

This machine is an affordable, portable, and compact semi-auto strapping machine. They are designed for general purpose and can meet your various applications. This machine is compact and light-weight, enabling easy transportation and only requires a small space for installation. Adjustment for use of any strap in a width up to 15.5 mm can be made by slackening off only four screws.

  • Power Supply: 240V   
  • Electric adjustment for strap length and tension
  • PP Strapping Width: 5 - 15.5mm
  • PP Strapping Thickness: 0.6-1.0mm
  • Max Strapping Tension: 5-40kg
  • Strapping Speed: 2.5 Seconds/Strap
  • Max Loading Weight: 180kg
  • Table Height: 750mm
  • Machine Dimensions (LxWxH): 785x545x750mm
  • Unit Weight: 60kg

Product SKU: TR7760