Pallet Racking End Protectors

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TR7405 Stormax End Protectors (To Suit Single Bay of Racking)
TR7406 Stormax End Protectors (To Suit Double Bay of Racking)

Pallet Racking End Protectors are a highly effective solution for preventing damage to racking and inventory by forklifts.
No matter how good your forklift drivers are, there will always be sometime when an accident or mistake happens when they crash into the pallet racking. You can avoid major injuries and pallet rack damage by installing these protection guards.

Damage and failure not only cause serious safety issues but disassembling, repair, reassembling and reloading of pallet racks add significantly to running costs.

  • Single Bay End Protector to suit 838mm frame
  • Double Bay End Protector to suit 838mm frame + 430mm space + 838mm frame
  • Conforms to AS4084:2012
  • Rack protector height for all sizes is 400mm