Crane / Forklift Spreader Beam

SKU: TR2470

Crane / Forklift Spreader Beam

  • The Spreader Beam is a unique multitasking Beam which can be used by Crane or Forklift to lift long loads. Using a Crane, loads can be lifted via the centre single hook point (as a ‘Lifting Beam’), or end lifted using a 2 leg Chain Sling (as a ‘Spreader Beam’). If lifting by forklift, the 600mm long slipper pockets allow for fast and safe connection to the truck.
  • The Spreader Beam load connection points are adjustable to 3 positions by moving the extendable arms each end. Both extendable arms are locked into position via safety pins.The unit is supplied standard with a safety swivel hook each end.
  • The extendable arms are zinc plated with the main body painted in ‘safety orange’.
  • Forklift HCG: 300mm
  • Fork Pocket Size: 190x65mm
  • Fork Centres: 900mm
  • Unit Weight: 172kg
Rated Capacity When Used as Fully Retracted (LC @ 2405mm) Middle Position (LC @ 3165mm)

Fully Extended (LC @ 3925mm)

Forklift Attachment 3500kg 1500kg 750kg
Lifting Beam 4500kg 2500kg 1300kg
Spreader Beam 9000kg 7200kg 5600kg

Product SKU: TR2470
Brand:  Liftex