Large Dustpan and Broom Set

SKU: TR6405

The large dustpan & broom set is the perfect solution for maintaining cleanliness within your workplace. This compact & versatile set can be easily accessible as freestanding or even folded & hung up for easy storage.

  • Broom and Dustpan handles are made from Durable Powder Coated steel
  • Broom head is constructed from durable polypropylene plastic
  • Broom Handle: 20mm 
  • Dustpan Handle: 25mm
  • 140mm long Synthetic Bristle
  • Overall Size of Dustpan & Broom: 340x280x1350mm
  • Dustpan Folded Size: 320x130x1020mm
  • Dustpan Size in use: 320x280x890mm
  • Opening Size: 300x100mm
  • Broom Size: 340x50x1215mm  
  • Unit Weight: 1.8kg

Product SKU: TR6405