Aerosol Cage - 12 Can Capacity

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TR7662 Aerosol Cage - 108 Can Capacity
TR7663 Aerosol Cage - 216 Can Capacity (Horizontal)
TR7664 Aerosol Cage - 216 Can Capacity (Upright)
TR7665 Aerosol Cage - 432 Can Capacity
TR7661 Aerosol Cage - 60 Can Capacity

  • Heavy duty steel construction storage cages designed specifically for aerosol cans
  • Power coated green
  • All cages have lockable doors and bolt down plates for added security
  • Designed to comply with relevant Australian Standards
  • Can Storage Space: 12 Cans
  • Internal Dimensions (HxWxD): 305x490x220mm
  • Extrenal Dimesnsions )HxWxD): 400x500x250mm
  • Unit Weight: 9kg